Flight Training CD
Answers to Common Questions

Minimum System Requirements

Minimum system requirements to run the Flight Training CD are shown below. Note that these are MINIMUM requirements.
Like everything else in the computing world, the faster machine and more memory you have, the better it runs.

User Authentication

The server for user authentication has changed.
When prompted for your JetNet Login, please enter your AAPilots.com ID and password instead.

All CDs require the user to authenticate via AAPilots.com in order to install the software.
Authentication is required only once on each computer that the CD is installed on.
If you have third party firewall or security software installed, you may have to allow internet access to Verify or temporarily disable the firewall until after verification succeeds.
If you still have problems with installation, contact technical support at (817) 967-5065 or via email at ftd@aa.com with the subject as "CBT"

Current CD Versions







Systems Lessons, FMST, Walk Around, Performance, Differences, TCAS Maneuvering Exercises 7/1/09


Systems Lessons, FMST (Flat Panel Display System), Walk Around, Performance, Flat Panel Display System Tutorial, TCAS Maneuvering Exercises 4/20/09


Systems Lessons, Systems Review, FMST, TCAS, & Walk Around 3/31/08


Systems Lessons, MD82 & MD83 GFMST, Performance, TWA Differences, GFMS Pilot's Guide, Preflight Inspection, & Cockpit Preflight 3/17/08


Systems Lessons, FMST, Walk Around, TCAS, & Performance 3/1/08
B737 HUD


HUD Simulation 5/1/06

Scrolling to See All The Screen

If you have to scroll left and right or up and down to see all the screen your monitor resolution isn't set correctly. Make sure your monitor and graphics card are set to 1024x768 resolution and 65,000 (high) colors. To change your screen resolution -

  1. Right click on an open area of your Windows desktop.
  2. Select Properties from the pop-up menu.
  3. Click on the Settings tab in the dialog box that appears.
  4. Set the Color Palette to 65,536 or high color.
  5. Set the Desktop Area to 1024x768 using the slider bar.
  6. Click Apply, then OK.
  7. That's all there is to it. In older PCs you may be asked to restart your computer for the changes to take affect. Newer PCs should be able to make the change on the fly and will only ask for confirmation.

Text Runs Off the Screen

Some users may have a problem with fonts when running the training CD. This is indicated by unusual or overly large characters on the screen or text running off the screen in a lesson. The problem is that when the fonts got installed on your computer from the training CD they didn't get registered in the Windows Registry. So, Windows doesn't recognize them. The fix is simple -

  1. Exit the training CD if it's in use.
  2. Go to Windows Explorer and navigate to the Windows folder.
    (The Windows folder is usually on the C or D drive, depending on your computer. Also, the folder may be named "Windows," "WinNT," etc. depending on your operating system.)
  3. Open the Windows folder and find the Fonts folder.
  4. Click on the Fonts folder to open it, then click off of it to close it.
  5. Exit Explorer and restart the training CD.
  6. That's all there is to it. The fonts are now registered in Windows and should appear properly in the lesson.

(FYI - This font problem was caused by an incompatibility between earlier versions of InstallShield and some computers. The software manufacturer has since corrected the problem. CDs released since mid-2001 using our current version of InstallShield should install fonts properly. )

MAC Compatibility

Sorry, but the Flight Training CDs are NOT Macintosh compatible and we have no future plans to produce them for the Mac. The overwhelming majority of computer owners in the Company use a Windows-based PC. So, it's simply not cost effective to produce the CDs in both formats.
Newer Macs running Intel chips may be able to run the training CD using a Windows operating system installed either with Bootcamp or using emulation software (Parallels, Crossover, VirtualBOX).
No guarantees, but it's possible.

Laptop Compatibility

The training CD should work on most laptops as long as the screen resolution and color palette can be set to minimum requirements (1024x768 and 65K colors). Unfortunately, since laptops are not standardized and are usually built to specs unique for each computer, we can't test the CD and certify it for every machine.
Some NetBook computers do not support the required resolution.

Media Drivers

For proper playing of videos embedded in some lessons, it is necessary for AA Flight Training to install media drivers on your computer. These are normally installed during initial installation of the CD. If your operating system is Windows 2000 or XP, during installation of these drivers you may receive a "Digital Signature Not Found" notice. This is normal. Select "Yes" at this notice to allow the drivers to be installed. If you choose "No", the drivers will not be installed and lesson videos may NOT operate properly. If for any reason the drivers were not installed during initial CD installation you can install the drivers now by clicking on the button below and following the onscreen prompts. Contact Flight Training technical support at the telephone number or email address listed on the CD tray card with any questions.